Hudson Phillips is a Writer & Producer of Quirky Genre Films that Reflect Humanity



Hi there, I’m Hudson.

I’m the type of guy who spent the first half of my life searching for my “purpose” and am now living the second half of said life implementing said purpose. What is that purpose you might ask? Well, it’s my goal to spend every day using my talents and past experiences to connect with other human beings while telling emotionally-driven stories that encourage empathy… and inspire others to do the same.

And generally I do that through aliens and robots and stuff. Because if anyone is going to get you to look at your life differently, it’s probably gonna be aliens and robots and stuff.

My life in bullets:

  • I wrote and produced the post-apocalyptic coming-of-age film This World Alone, which won “Best Feature” awards at six festivals including Oxford Film Festival and Phoenix Film Festival and “Best Screenplay” at Phoenix Film Festival and Hollywood South Film Festival.

  • I wrote and produced the award-winning short film, Rooney’s World, which was just about as successful as the most successful short film could be… which is to say we sold it to three different distributors and still made no money.

  • I co-wrote this screenplay called Church League, which was optioned by Lions Gate Films and ultimately made under the title Crackerjack, with Executive Producer Jeff Foxworthy.

  • I’m the founder of Mirror Box Films, which produces low-budget, high-concept genre film and develops new talent in the Atlanta area.

  • Before that, I ran the production company The Brothers Ray, which produced features, shorts, and commercials for Fortune 1000 companies and non-profits across the globe.

  • I started the organization ScriptBlast, that cultivates community and creates resources for screenwriters, after I realized just how lonely that can be.

  • I’m on the board of Film Impact Georgia, a non-profit dedicated to developing underserved talent in Georgia.

  • I host the podcasts Four Friends Fight About Film, the Mirror Box Films podcast, and the ScriptBlast Screenwriting podcast.

  • In addition to all that filmmaking stuff, I’ve worked as a designer, copywriter, and marketing strategist for over 20 years.

  • I currently make my home in Atlanta, GA with my wife Afton, 15-year-old son Julien, and two dogs named after Arrested Development characters.

  • Phew!



I’ve been lucky enough to speak on panels and podcasts about indie-film producing and screenwriting. You can find some of those links below. If you’re interested in booking me for an upcoming writer’s event, film festival, or podcast, fill out the contact form below!

PODCASTS & Interviews

PANELS, judging & speaking

Moderator, Etowah Film Festival
”Indie Film Distribution & Disruption in 2019”

Judge, Paducah 48-Hour Film Fest

Panelist, Phoenix Film Festival
”How Pictures in my Head become Words on the Page!” Screenwriting Panel

Speaker, Brothers Ray Screenwriting Workshop
”Mirror Box Screenwriting”

Panelist, Atlanta Film Festival
”Film Impact Georgia”

Speaker, Red Clay Writer’s Conference
”10 Ways to Make a Good Screenplay Great”

Speaker, Film Pitch ATL
”Guacamole Yesterdays” Pitch Session

Speaker, AIM Media Conference
”Mirror Box Screenwriting”



The following scripts are in various forms of production at varying budget ranges. All are sci-fi and/or fantasy films with female protagonists. Contact me below to request a read.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 11.27.21 PM.png

Guacamole Yesterdays

A young cartoonist meets with a therapist after a painful split from her husband, entering into a scientific trial which allows her to relive and change her past memories. But the technology comes into question when she loses her grip on reality—unable to tell fact from fiction.  

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 11.27.34 PM.png

Emmy Grey

A teenage girl returns home to her “put-a-smile-on-it” family after going missing for 10 years. As she struggles with reintegrating into her family life, she starts to search for a way to return to her abductors—claiming they are aliens from another planet. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 11.27.46 PM.png

Creature Seekers

A thirty-something wannabe author reunites her childhood “cryptozoology” club, the Creature Seekers, in order to track down her estranged sister who went missing—on the same island where they experienced a traumatic event as kids. 



For her 18th birthday, a sheltered teen just wants to kiss a boy. Instead, she gets supernatural powers, a kidnapped mom, five deadly sisters to battle, and the disturbing news that her dad is the Prince of Darkness. 


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